How can one post on Facebook if it goes down again. What’s next for this website?

After Facebook went down on October 21 2013; some users could not access the website, some others could not upload or change anything on their profile, page… The outage caused a panic with some not being able to rectify a problem or wanting to talk about something urgent for their company. Consequently, all users moved to Twitter!

Suprisingly, Facebook inc. stock market price did not fall, as soon as the service went back online, traffic restarted normally, the users went back to Facebook. This shows more and more that people trust the social network with their data no matter what!

So, what’s next after this? How can we overcome this problem if this happens again?

Here are a few tips that we have picked from

  1. Smartphone/Tablet App: login from any of these
  2. Hootsuite: integrate multiple social media into one platform
  3. SproutSocial: same as Hootsuite but it (bala it) is not free
  4. Using the API: post from your website using the API

But don’t get used to 2,3 and 4, according to this blog:, Facebook will penalize you if you post from a third party!!
Sometimes you might also face some problems if you are using the API (Cannot delete the post, cannot update it, cannot comment…)

In the end, one might as well use Twitter. Or maybe not, since Twitter experienced this year 2 outages, within 10 days…

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