FoxPro to SQlite, data transfer and conversion

FoxPro to SQlite, a data conversion Open Source program in C# that transfers all your data from a FoxPro database to SQlite. Note that you must have the table structure ready first!

Software title: FoxPro to SQlite
Price: Open Source
Category: Database tool
Publisher: Computing technologies
Software Version: 1.0

Click here to download the code
Click here to download the compiled code


Minimum Requirements:
Operating System: Window XP

– Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro 9.0

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (Can be downgraded)


How to use?

  1. Put your tables in tables directory
  2. Put a file names database.sql containing the SQL queries for creating the table structures.
  3. Click run all!


  1. Browse for FoxPro tables
  2. Same as step 2 above
  3. Click convert table

The new SQlite database will be called database.db

Don’t hesitate to explore the other options.

Please note that this software has been written for custom usage and has not been fully tested. Therefore, you might encounter errors. So, Please feel free to comment or requests new features or updates.

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