Treat superficial burns with “Aloe Vera”

I learned the trick from a neighbor; you could treat minor superficial burns within a small extent (first degree burns) and calm the pain with a plant that is found in most gardens: the “Aloe Vera”!

“Aloe Vera”, a plant which I hesitated to use for a long time, despite the online reports about its miracle properties! I finally planted it on my balcony and in fact, it has a healing and analgesic effect.

Here’s how to use it

First rinse the burnt area with cold water and dry it.

Cut the end of a leaf from the plant and squeeze it to extract the gel.

Rub the burnt area gently with the gel. You will be quickly relieved of pain and the burning sensation will subside after a few minutes.

This does not prevent the formation of a small blister. But from experience I can tell you that the effect of this plant is much more efficient than any drug I bought!

Did anyone have previous experience using the “miracle” plant?

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