Ziva’s departure from NCIS (S11E02 Review)

Cote de Pablo’s decision to leave NCIS has been a shock to every fan around the world even the cast and the producers of the show. I have read that they tried to convince her to stay by raising her salary but she declined twice. De Pablo said that she quit because of “personal reasons”. However, the fact that we were prepared for her departure by Cote’s announcement in the summer wore the shock off..

Nevertheless, we could understand her decision, eight years is a long time on the same job, even though it was very successful, everyone needs to change… That can also be applied on her character Ziva David who gave up her badge not for fear of the future but to leave the past behind to start a new life. After her longtime friend Deena told her that she was engaged to Ari before she shot him in season 3’s Kill Ari, Ziva started questioning her past and realized the consequences that her actions (killing others), even if they are for a good cause, might have on the life of others

The bittersweet ending of the episode could not have been any better. Tony finally kisses Ziva and even thought it wasn’t what we were all hoping for, it was still a kiss. But the best was Ziva’s teary eyed smile at the end while Tony waved   goodbye before getting on the plane…

ZIVA teary eyed smile

Fact is, if you think about it, Ziva’s character has been on edge for a while especially after her torture by Saleem in Somalia at the end of season 6 and Mike Franks’ death in Swan Song. She even said back then “There is always another monster […] I don’t think I can take anymore” in one of those rare moments when we see her cry.

Back to the final moments for Ziva David, after Dinozzo gets on the plane, he realizes that Ziva gave him her necklace, sweet gesture that can be interpreted as a promise to come back. Ziva did not die like Kate in season 2, which leaves room for Cote’s character to come back eventually. The actress herself hinted in an interview with TV Guide “The greatest thing about this last episode is that Ziva doesn’t die. As long as a character doesn’t die, the character can always come back. Not that it would actually matter, because we bring back characters from the dead all the time on NCIS!”

Apart from that, we get a new Secretary of the Navy, a business woman, who apparently wants “to bring swift justice to those committing [attacks] by any means necessary” sounds like she is granting our team immunity from prosecution to any actions committed in the line of duty… Just like what the governor gave the Hawaii Five-0 team in the other show.

New SecNav

Interestingly, we can always count on NCIS to make us laugh even in the saddest moments. First, Fornell’s comment after getting shot in the ass by Gibbs when the latter kills Mendez “You shot me in the ass!!” Second, McGee’s reaction to Ziva’s I Will list ”‘I will be a ballerina.’ I don’t get it. This is Ziva. Shouldn’t it say ‘ninja’ or something?” Last, Dinozzo’s famous sense humor, taunting Ziva one last time, when she said “Tony, you’re so…” he continued “…Handsome? Funny? What?

In a broader context, the way her final scenes were set was an utter success even more so the episode’s ending and Gibbs’ final words “Hey Ziver”, but that’s just my opinion, and as Tony once said (S04E11 Driven) “Everyone’s a critic”, so let us know what you think of this episode…


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