NCIS: Life after Ziva

(Season 11 Episode 3)

The first episode without Cote de Pablo was good, we miss her and the relationship she had with the team, especially with Tony and Gibbs. Yet, the writers made sure we will not stop watching just because she left the show. At least, her departure was a success (check our last NCIS article: Ziva’s departure from NCIS).

When Kate Todd was killed in season 2, Abby was devastated and even gave up her pigtails, in this season she seems to have accepted her friend’s choice to leave. Ziva even made sure she did by asking Tony to “Tell her that I am honoring Gibbs”. Even with that, Pauley’s character seems to have recovered awfully fast: we know she loves Gibbs but going to a concert and having fun after only two weeks of her friends’ departure is a bit “un-Abby like” even if she had not seen her friend for a couple of months. Despite the fact that going to the concert helped the team solve the episode’s case I would have expected her to be more down about her friends’ choice.


About Riva’s role in the show, is it just a coincidence that they added her to the storyline right after Ziva’s departure or were they trying to tell us something? Is Ziva a younger version of Riva? To tell you what made me think like this; first, Riva sounds a lot like Ziva, second, she used to work at NCIS with Gibbs and Franks years ago. In addition to that, her character is a lot like Ziva’s and there is even a physical resemblance between the two. Riva is fierce, bossy, confident and tough same as Ziva. She also has dark curly hair.


Moreover, Riva has not seen Gibbs for years, not since she left to work somewhere else, Ziva just did that. As they were saying goodbye, Gibbs said that his basement is still open which could be interpreted as an invitation for a friendship renewal or maybe more. I would say, it sounds a lot like what tony would do if Ziva came back; he would probably welcome her with open arms.

Now back to Gibbs and Riva. Regardless of the fact that she was Mike Franks’ partner back in the days, Riva looks younger than “probie” Gibbs. Even if it’s the opposite, could the two get in a relationship?

Additionally, Leon’s recovery from the shock of his wife’s murder last season seems to be going quite well, he looks and sounds tougher than before. Let’s hope it’s not all just an act.

Finally, we get to the fun part!! The most amusing situation of this season so far took place when McGee tried to lie to Gibbs about losing his badge and ID. The conversation between Tim and Tony was amusing. When Tony asked “Did you just lie to the all-knowing Gibbs?” Tim responded while cringing “It was stupid wasn’t it?” Moreover, we enjoyed the relationship between Tony and Riva especially her outburst at DiNozzo “I’m outta here!! […] No! Don’t! Back! Don’t you come near me! Back! I said back!”


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2 thoughts on “NCIS: Life after Ziva

  • October 24, 2013 at 9:53 am

    I am really mussing Ziva..I want to like somebody new, but she is a terribly hard act to follow. As a role model for girls,like Abby , she is different and talented and tough
    but also really kind and often very dear . I always thought they ruined Sasha Alexander’s but making her afraid of snakes and unable to slide down a grappling line, and totally clueless about super jets, I mean really !! I assume they would have evolved her into a good role model also. But,sigh> , to me, Ziva had it all and so far , I really miss her. Does anyone know why she left and if there is any chance she might come back ?? I guess a petition wouldn’t be appropriate Thanks for the info

  • October 24, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Yes, I believe Cote de Pablo did a really good job with her character. Even though she showed a lot of weaknesses in the latest seasons, we still remember her as the tough “ninja” that could kill anyone with a paperclip.
    Unlike Sasha’s character, who protected the president once, Ziva was written a lot tougher than her.
    I don’t know if we could actually say Sasha was weak since Gibbs only picks the best angents and even if he doesn’t he trains them to be…
    As for the reason why Ziva was written off, she chose to leave the show and from what I read she’s probably not coming back. You can check our last article for more info about that.

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