NCIS LA: Deeks’ Recovery and the team’s Dynamics

(Season 5 Episode 3 review)
In this season, we have noticed a few crucial changes in the dynamics of the team, but one thing has not changed (which we are very grateful for): Callen and Sam’s close friendship. These two just won’t seize to make us laugh. They start the episode by making a joke of LL Cool J’s size (character Sam Hanna), apparently he can’t find clothes, and he quoted, “for men my size”, he goes on saying he will never wear skinny jeans and that they will not even fit his arm.


Deeks’ awkward but funny jokes are back and his relationship with Kensi has gotten better. Kensi spills some jokes about his torture which, according to him, came “too late”. Whether they are or not, they made us laugh.


On that note, is “Densi” (Deeks/Kensi) finally happening?? Well it appears so!!! With the kiss at the end of last season we were excited to see the pair becoming something more but then Deeks was tortured which brought a problem into the relationship.


Though, not like some other shows that would have ended any hope for a relationship at this point, the writers here are toying around with it. In this season’s episode 2, Deeks who was suffering from insomnia finally fell asleep next to Kensi. More than that, he even muttered at the end “it’s a love story” which gives us more and more hope for seeing Kensi and Deeks as a couple.


Nevertheless, Deeks’ road to recovery is turning out to be a bit hard. In episode 2 of this season, he did not even have the courage to come out of his house. Also, as was said before, he was suffering from insomnia since every time he closed his eyes he would remember the bad things that happened to him. Yet, he’s recovering. On one hand, he finally went back to work in this episode, but on the other hand it is implied that he can’t shoot as good as he used to and, even more, hesitates to shoot suspects.


This brings us to the chat between him and Callen at the end of the episode; G starts the conversation by saying “I don’t want you here” and after a long pause – in which I thought (and you probably all did too) what an insensitive jerk Callen was – he added “until you’re ready to be back”. He continued by saying he did not want him here if he was second-guessing himself and that it would put him and the team in danger. On one hand the guy had a point but on the other he could have gone with it in a different way, without giving Deeks (and us) a heart attack.

Moving on to the relationship between Sam and Deeks; it has gotten better. I mean it only took the latter getting tortured for information about Hanna’s wife in order for Deeks to gain Sam’s respect (note the sarcasm here). Still, I believe I can say we’re all glad they finally genuinely like and respect each other.


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