Hawaii Five-0 Season Premiere Review

Have you actually seen the season premiere of Hawaii five-0?? Hallelujah, new ideas!!! Though there were some mistakes in the episode, it can still get you hooked.

I was practically jumping on my seat when I saw the Steve McGarrett being over smarted by a terrorist group (the NLM) throughout the whole episode. But, as usual (a bit cliché here, I might say) he was able to stop them in time. It would have been interesting to see him being manipulated for more than one episode.

What I liked most about this episode is that they could have killed Kono but they didn’t, they chose to include her in a different storyline. I hope they won’t kill her at the end of this season like the directors of the original Hawaii Five-O did in 1972.

The funniest and most amazing thing about this episode that Steve transforms his heroic act (more like “Superman”-ish as Danny Williams said) at the end of the episode into a joke “I was chasing out El Condor across the field while his guy fired at me and then, just as they were getting away, they were taking off, I jumped up and I grabbed one of the helicopter struts with my arm… You know what? Forget about it”. With this comment, they were actually able to turn an unlikely situation that could have been ridiculed into a funny and enjoyable scene.

In spite of all these positive things there were some slips. Remember when the kidnappers heard from the palace’s Ground Floor Chin’s recorded voice from his cellphone throughout the ceiling and to the First Floor? I mean the building is huge!! Could Windows Mobiles speakers be that good?? I doubt it…

Windows Mobile in HF0

Another thing, and we all saw that one coming, is that Steve thinks that Wo Fat might be his brother… Why would Doris McGarrett save this notorious criminal’s life if he wasn’t her son?

All in all, the episode was a success. The cliffhanger at the end makes it even better with Kono’s life put on the line by the NLM.

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