Burn Notice Finale Review

For those of you out there who are fans of Burn Notice, you must already have watched the finale. What can I say about it? A disappointment? Well a bit. Out of character? That too. Nevertheless, there were still some good scenes.

Could the ending be any cheesier? I mean we all knew Michael and Fiona were going to end up together but it should have been different, not that happily ever after with children playing in the snow outside of their cozy house in I don’t know which continent far away!!! And has anyone else noticed that the jump from the window and the way it was made looked exactly like the ending of the Bourne Ultimatum, same chronology: fighting, shooting (or in this case explosion) running, jumping off a building into the water, then the scene where we don’t know if the character is alive or not. In the end he gets his happy ever after while everyone thinks he’s missing (or in this case dead).

Seems that the screenwriters are totally out of ideas. In spite of that, it was nice to see the words from the theme “song” repeated in the episode, it shows us that as much as the characters may have evolved in the entire show they are still the same ones we were watching from the beginning.

What I liked the most however was the level of trust shared between Michael and Jesse who even after knowing that his friend was the cause of his burn notice, still stuck by him considering him as family. What also appears in this finale is that Michael even trusted Jesse with his mother and nephew, you could read between the lines of what Michael was saying to his friend, he was actually telling him to take care of them in case he didn’t make it.

Now getting to the greatest part of the finale: the death of Michael’s mother. That was a hit! Cigarette in her mouth, legs crossed, relaxed posture and sassy last words: it was exactly her. In my opinion, it is the only and best way Madeline could have died! Even though it was sad, it actually fit really well in the storyline.

All in all, up until the last scenes with Sam and Jesse at the funeral then Michael and Fiona at their house in the snow, the ending was great… then they ruined it.

Still, for a TV show, it was quite entertaining and even informative. On the one hand, I am sad to see it end, but on the other, I know that ending the show after seven seasons was a good move, they at least did not keep on stretching the story and repeating storylines.

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