“Lego Architecture” only a marketing technique?

When I first read about it on Dezeen, I thought it was fabulous. Finally! Legos that are specifically made for architects! Work would not only be easiest, but also more fun. Almost every one of us has played with Legos during their childhood and to see it being made for work is exciting.


But if you think about it well, it only allows you to create minimalist buildings. Not that I’m against minimalism, but buildings like that are easy to model, just use some glossy paper and you’re all set. You can’t make fluid shapes nor sharp angles, you can’t build diagonally without breaking the pieces, so you can only use it to create basic shapes.

One of the main criticism about this product, is the monochromatic scheme. On the positive side, white can allow us to see shadow and light, nevertheless, it still lessens the value of the project. And even though the shape is what defines the project, color is also very important. If we do decide to paint the pieces and want to use them again on another project, the cleaning would be a bit hard and they would probably stain.


On that note, creating a project takes a lot of attempts and it’s nice to see the work you’ve done previously, sometimes we decide to use ideas from a previous attempt and get inspired by them. Therefore, having an idea destroyed as to create another one does not seem helpful. Not to mention the fact that the box set itself is costly (£149.99), so buying more than one is not practical. Similarly, if you do want to build your model with Legos, buying a couple of basic sets would be less pricey and more colorful.


In addition to that, buying them for children to help them pick a career in the future confines them in those square pieces with a monochrome scheme, it confines their creativity. You would not be helping them pick a career in architecture, you would be stopping them from making more creative pieces. Using modeling clay would be 100 times cheaper and 1000 times more creative.

All in all, I believe this product is only a marketing technique, the pieces existed already in other boxes but way cheaper. The name “Lego Architecture” is what excites us, look more into it, you’ll see that you are confined and that you are limiting your creativity and that of your child!


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