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OpenOffice keyboard shortcut repeat the previous action

Type CTRL + SHIFT + Y simultaneously.

Fixing Visual Studio 2013 installation error: Visual Studio core features “the digital signature of the object did not verify correctly”

When installing Visual Studio 2013 on Windows 8.1 you might encounter some problems during the process, one of them stating that the digital signature of some components could not be verified.

Error in Visual Studio 2013: No exports were found that match the constraint…

Description of the Error:

No exports were found that match the constraint:



Rename or delete the folder:

C:\Users\(You username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\ComponentModelCache


Changing the default page size in OpenOffice Writer

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Format > Page
  2. Select the Page tab and change the setting there

You can also save the page as default by making the document a template:

  1. File > Templates > Save
  2. Choose File > Templates > Organize.
  3. Double-click My Templates in the list on the left.
  4. Click on the new template name from step 1, above.
  5. From the Commands drop-down box on the right, choose Set as default template.
  6. Click Close in the dialog box.

Hackers’ archive / history

.Ever wondered if you are really safe? If technology is not compromised? If you can upload your private data onto any website and trust it?

Well here’s the history of hacking as gathered from online news: (After reading this, it’s up to you to judge)

Youtube went down today with a funny message!

YouTube hacked

The world’s biggest video host went down today for about 10 minutes with a funny message saying that “Highly trained monkeys are fixing the problem!”

Notepad++ find/replace box transparency problem

Notepad++ find box transparency problem

I consider Notepad++ as the best text editor and a great programming tool for websites. Nevertheless, like any other open source and free application it has its problems. The find/search and replace box might loose its transparency suddenly!

Bones Review: It Gets Better

Roxy Tony

(Season 9 Episodes 2 3 4)

Despite the fact that the season started on the corny side, with the drama worthy of a soap opera, the show has gotten a lot better in the last episodes. It was nice to see Bones and Booth playing Roxy and Tony again in episode 2. It added a lot of comedy to the show.


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