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How can one post on Facebook if it goes down again. What’s next for this website?

Facebook status update failure

After Facebook went down on October 21 2013; some users could not access the website, some others could not upload or change anything on their profile, page… The outage caused a panic with some not being able to rectify a problem or wanting to talk about something urgent for their company. Consequently, all users moved to Twitter!

Is Apple taking a new direction with the free updates and the new prices?


The conference today came as a response to Windows’ 8.1 free update! Not even one of Apple’s products was free before. Now, the company introduces the Maverick OS update for free as well as new apps that come with any iOS device.

Facebook status update error

Facebook status update failure

Facebook is experiencing status update problems. Users are not allowed to update their status. The problem seems to have spreed worldwide. The following message is displayed every time:

Top Weekly Tech News

1. Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013… released
Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013
2. NikeFuel new FuelBand for 169$, GPS included! Nice for tracking your exercises…
NikeFuel FuelBand
3. Your face might appear in Google Ads without your permission
 Your face on Google Adsense
4. Lenovo adds the 8-inch Miix2 tablet, just in time for Windows 8. 1
5. Windows 8.1 app updates.
​6. Dells’ windows 8.1, quad-core tablet now on sale for $299​

NCIS: Life after Ziva


(Season 11 Episode 3)

The first episode without Cote de Pablo was good, we miss her and the relationship she had with the team, especially with Tony and Gibbs. Yet, the writers made sure we will not stop watching just because she left the show. At least, her departure was a success (check our last NCIS article: Ziva’s departure from NCIS).

Windows 8.1 failures and compatibilty issues

Windows 8.1

You have probably heard that Microsoft pulled out Windows RT update to Windows 8.1 from the market due to problems faced by some users, requiring them to re-install Windows.

Supernatural: The fall of the angels – Season 9 Episode 1 Review

Supernatural Season 9

We would have expected something else; the characters could have finally learned to trust each other. Usually in a TV series, the characters’ (especially the main ones) personalities evolve, they learn to trust each other.

NCIS LA: Deeks’ Recovery and the team’s Dynamics


(Season 5 Episode 3 review)
In this season, we have noticed a few crucial changes in the dynamics of the team, but one thing has not changed (which we are very grateful for): Callen and Sam’s close friendship. These two just won’t seize to make us laugh. They start the episode by making a joke of LL Cool J’s size (character Sam Hanna), apparently he can’t find clothes, and he quoted, “for men my size”, he goes on saying he will never wear skinny jeans and that they will not even fit his arm.

The best WordPress plugins when building your website

Wordpress Plugins

When building you WordPress website, you probably have wondered what plugins are useful and what will you start with. I have tried a lot of them and finally I have the ones which I think are the most helpful.

Microsoft launches Windows 8.1 and with it Visual Studio 2013

Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013

On October 17, Microsoft launches Window 8.1 and a few hours later, Visual Studio 2013, .Net 4.5.1 and Team Foundation Server 2013

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