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The faces of Facebook

Faces of Facebok

If you were curious and wondered what all the profile picture Faces on Facebook would look like. Here’s a website which should have been showing them in chronological order with the face of Mark Zuckerberg as number 1!

Bones season premiere review


Or how to know when a show is about to get cancelled!?
All you Bones fans must have watched the first episode of season 9 and even the second one. My post here is about the much awaited season premiere.

Google seems to be having a lot of problems!


It’s been some time since we haven’t heard that there were errors in Google products. Yet, during these couple of days it seems that the company is facing quite some problems. The Gmail delivery problem and then today, a Chat mix-up!

News on the iPhone 5S and 5C

iPhone 5S 5C

Interesting news are coming up from different websites and news feeds concerning the two new iPhones!

Apple stores are facing shortage in iPhone 5S sale and the iPhone 5S and 5C sales split down the middle!

Toshiba introducing USB 3.0 flash drives & micro SD memory cards

Toshiba 16 GB flash drive

You’ll be able to drag and drop files and folders on a 30$, 16 GB flash drive with a speed of 70MB/s starting October 2013.

As most know, ” Toshiba originally invented and have since perfected NAND flash memory technology”. And now, Toshiba TransMemory™ USB 3.0 Flash Drives and Toshiba Micro Secure Digital Class 10 UHS-I Memory Cards are going on sale!

Worldwide internet speed!

AT&T announced today that 45 Mbps downstream and up to 6 Mbps upstream internet speed will arrive to 5 more states in the US. Where do the world consider this fair and how is knowledge supposed  to reach the whole world when there is still countries where average the internet speed in some countries is still below 1 Mbps!?

We think that the subject has to be debated and focus should be set on providing the means of culture for the “less fortunate”.

Toshiba releases laptops lineup


With a goal to build laptops for everyone, “From the budget conscious consumer to the content creating guru to the gaming god, Toshiba’s new Satellite and Qosmio laptops can handle virtually any consumer need, and thanks to their innovative and sleek designs, they’ll look great doing it.

Gmail’s delivery system failure


On September 23rd 71% of the emails sent to Gmail users did not reach their destination on time due to delivery failures. I was personally a victim of this problem. According to Gmail engineers, it was a network failure where “redundant network paths both stop working at the same time.”

The end of driving and pilots? Autonomous systems…

Jules Verne 20 000 lieux sous les mers

Science fiction becomes reality! But who would have thought that it was during only 50 years that everything will be invented. It was thought that Jules Verne’s novels were purely science fiction, like flying to the moon, going underwater in a submarine… But most of what he wrote became reality.

In this concept, we might be witnesses of the disappearance of drivers and airplane pilots!

Google 2013 Science Fair winners, announces a bright future for research

Google Science Fair 2013

Google announces the 2013 winners of its science fair, showing a very bright future for, first of all the company of course, and second, the scientific research field.

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